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Docker servers targeted by new Kinsing malware campaign

Image: Aqua For the past few months, a malware operation has been scanning the internet for Docker servers running API ports exposed on the internet without a password. Hackers are then breaking into unprotected hosts and installing a new crypto-mining malware strain named Kinsing. Attacks began last year and are ...

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This weird new gadget stops Amazon’s Alexa spying on you

Your spying gadget needs an anti-spying gadget. Somewhere, John Le Carré sniggers. Paranoid It was the column that launched screams around America. Last week, I wrote about a UK law firm that suggested Amazon‘s Alexa and her cohorts should be switched off before you have any confidential work-related conversations. Now ...

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Blocking China can lead to fragmented 5G market

With trade relations between China and the US still tense, efforts to cut out vendors such as Huawei from 5G implementations can lead to two separate ecosystems and varying industry standards. This may result in consumers losing out on benefits they have enjoyed from 4G, which has seen the adoption ...

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