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Facebook Plans to Add Its Name to Instagram, WhatsApp

Facebook started adding its name to some screens on its Instagram photo-sharing platform this week, one of the first links it has given users to its ownership of the popular platform. The move comes as the world’s largest social media company faces greater scrutiny from regulators around the world for ...

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New Dragonblood vulnerabilities found in WiFi WPA3 standard

Image: Mathy Vanhoef & Eyal Ronen Earlier this year in April, two security researchers disclosed details about five vulnerabilities (collectively known as Dragonblood) in the WiFi Alliance’s recently launched WPA3 WiFi security and authentication standard. Yesterday, the same security researchers disclosed two new additional bugs impacting the same standard. The ...

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3 out of 4 phishing scams get to your inbox untouched

Does it still stink? Getty Images/iStockphoto Apple sends me so many invoices every week that I scarcely know what I’ve gone and bought. Then there’s the constantly cheery emails I get from apparent relatives who want me to keep large sums of money for them. Just for a few days. ...

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