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Cybersecurity: Do these six things to protect your company online

Two cybersecurity myths you need to forget right now, if you want to stop the hackers ZDNet’s Danny Palmer explains how the wrong attitudes towards cybersecurity risk and complexity could leave your company open to attack. Cyberattacks and data breaches have cost UK mid-market companies over £30 billion, yet organisations ...

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Canon EOS RP Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Review

Canon’s first attempt at a full-frame mirrorless camera was the EOS R. It was a solid effort that delivered good image quality and a premium experience, although the features that it offered didn’t quite match its price tag in India, especially considering competition such as the Sony A7 III and ...

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YouTube Introduces Learning Playlists Without Algorithmic Recommendations

Targeting teenagers, Google-owned content sharing app YouTube is bringing a new education feature called Learning Playlists with dedicated landing pages for educational videos on topics like math, science, music and language, free from algorithmic recommendations. The free-from-recommendations Playlists would have organisational features like chapters around key concepts, ordered from beginner ...

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Digging into the Roblox growth strategy – TechCrunch

Could Roblox create a new entertainment and communication category, something it calls “human co-experience”? When it was a small startup, few observers would have believed in that future. But after 15 years — as told in the origin story of our Roblox EC-1 — the company has accumulated 90 million ...

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